About Us

Shanghai Miandi Metal Group Co., Ltd. distributes 1000 series to 8000 series aluminum products. Aluminum plate, Aluminum rod, Aluminum Flat, Angle Aluminum, Aluminum round tube, Aluminum square tube, etc. Those products are widely used in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, military industry, metallurgy, electronics, electromechanical, textile, transportation, construction, chemical industry, light industry, energy and other national economic fields. During the development of the company, advanced production equipment and testing instruments were imported from developed countries in Europe to improve the product quality and continuous innovation of product varieties.

We are upholding the company' culture, continuously use high technology to build the company into a modern company with the advantages of "Leading technology, Leading service, Leading quality, and Leading management", and provide customers with exclusive metal material solutions.

Company Development Path
2012, Shanghai Zhixi Metal Co., Ltd established, doing business of Aluminum Alloy Products.
2013, Shanghai Miandi Industrial Co., Ltd established.
2014, To fulfill develpment of company, established the first storage warehouse, from a trading company turn to a processing company.
2015, For expand supply capacity, purchased several automated equipment. Provide custom serive to customer.
2017, Obtained the ISO 9001 Certificate, guarantee the product quality.
2018, Merging 4 companies, established Shanghai Miandi Metal Group Co., Ltd, torwards a standradized road.
Signed a long-term sales agreement with Tianjin Zhongwang for Extrusion Aluminum Products, guarantee the product supply capacity.
Obtained the ISO 9100D Aerospace Certificate, have the ablity of supply high grade aluminum material to customer. 
2019, Purchased Ultra-Flat plate processing equipment, provide more refined services.

Our Service

Spectrometer Detection

Our company has advanced handheld spectrum detection equipment. Suitable for any circumstance from -10 ℃ to + 50 ℃. Detectable elements including "Al, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Se, Nb, Zr, Mo, Pd, Ag, Sn, Sb, Ta, Hf, Re, W, Pb, Bi "and other elements, to help customers eliminate doubts about the element.

Professional Ultrasonic Detection

Our company is equipped with ultrasonic detection with the frequency of 1~5 MHz, which has the features of high detection sensitivity, strong penetrating power, wide range of pointing, and fast detection speed. Help customers detect internal defects in the material.

Precision Cutting

There are many large-scale precisions cutting equipment in the workshop. The maximum size of cross cutting can reach 3700mm, and the cutting precision can reach +0.1mm. It can meet the cutting needs of customers with different sizes and different precisions.

Leveling Process

Our company has professional leveling technical support, according to the different features of different materials, confirm requirements with customer in advance, to provide customers with leveling services to meet the size accuracy required by customers.

Surface Treatment

We can provide a series of services such as mechanical treatment, chemical treatment, electrochemical treatment (Anodized), meet requirements for product corrosion resistance, wear resistance, decoration and other special functions of customers.

Lifetime Aftersale

We will continue to offer after-sales technical support. After-sales teams will offer professional response to customers’ questions about metal materials. Regardless of whether or not the materials are bought from us, we will also try to solve customers’ concerns about the material and help to propose suitable solutions.

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